Thinking Allowed


Thinking Allowed will help you build a better optical business at your own pace, in a way you are entirely comfortable with and will offer you a fresh perspective on the way you choose to earn your living.

Running your practice today is different than it was five years ago. There has never been a book written for where you are today, until now.

Thinking Allowed will reveal the secrets that people who want to sell you get rich quick schemes don’t want you to know. Thinking Allowed is the book you buy before wasting any money on brands, social media, marketing, websites or advertising or training courses. You’ll know how to make everything you can out of everything you’ve got.

You will:

  • Discover forty-nine new ways to think about and develop your business
  • Be much more optimistic about your future
  • Discover what it really means to be ‘independent’ and get the confidence to develop your plans.
  • Be the very best you can be
  • Unleash hundreds of ideas about how best to develop the business you’ve always wanted, in a way you’ve always wanted, with whom you have always wanted at price you have always wanted and which people are happy to pay.
  • Identify all the ‘missed opportunities’ that exist in your business right now.

Your business is unique. ‘Examining eyes and selling specs’ is how you have chosen to make your living, just like your competition. The trick is to get more of the right people to pick you. So Thinking Allowed is jargon free and easy to understand. You’ll discover short, thoughtful insights and some possible next steps.

There is no magic formula, just hard work and action. Thinking Allowed contains a menu of subjects from which you can choose at random. Each menu item is between two hundred and one thousand words long and most finish with a suggestion on how you might choose to take the next steps. If you can think of something better, you are right. It’s how you react to the information that is more important than the information itself. The action you take will be the difference that makes the difference.

Thinking Allowed is based on our CET presentation C-53201 “Optimizing practice systems to enhance patient care” and has been approved for Optometrists, DOs and CLOs for the competencies of communication and standards of practice (expiry date is 31/12/2018).

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Simply pick a topic of most relevance to you and we’ll send you your first JNotes® entirely free of charge! If you really like what you read, you can buy subsequent JNotes® at a one off price, or you can come back and buy Thinking Allowed. You’ll find echoes of some of the thoughts covered in JNotes® in Thinking Allowed, but JNotes® are mostly new and fresh thinking.

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If you are not entirely happy with what you discover we’ll refund your money and you can keep everything. No questions asked, but we’d like your thoughts.

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