Proven Ways To Deal With The Threats to Growing Your Business

Proven Ways To Deal With The Threats to Growing Your Business

September 16, 2016
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Business strategy analysis concept. SWOT analysis - strength, weakness, opportunities, threats

Grow your business’ is a mantra beloved of those wanting to sell you stuff. Buy this and the rest will follow. You’ve heard it all before and may have even fallen for the siren song. Once bitten, fool me once- you are familiar with the clichés, because often times they are true. But growing your business is important for all sorts of reasons: a regular pay increase, fresh clients, to replace the ‘natural wastage’, it’s a competitive world and someone is planning your demise (or their success as they see it), the pension fund, it’s fun, it’s a constant challenge and you learn new and exciting stuff along the way. But it’s easier said than done.

Which may explain the inexplicable. Why, in a fiercely competitive market would you want to tie your business to a brand? In return for what? It’s easy to see what they get, your business for a fixed period during which you have no control over the price increases. This is a great strategy if you are absolutely certain you know what the future holds. Why let the brand determine your price strategy? Why can’t you (your brand) do exactly the same thing?

Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity and Darwin was right when asserting it was survival of the most adaptable that explained evolution (or expressed another way-extinction).

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