Your Free Business Health Check

Your Free Business Health Check

August 3, 2016
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Your business is in a different place from that of your competitors for all sorts of reasons: the wider economy, the local economy, the age of the business, staff dynamics, your suppliers, hard work, resilience, where preparation meets opportunity (luck), investment, strategic thinking, a plan or something else. Knowing where to start an assessment of your business, a snapshot of where you are today, a starting point of a journey of a thousand miles is easier than you think and can be completed faster than you thought possible and for free (no marketing guru will call).

Download 86 questions now and print them out. Sit down with a paper, pencil and a cup of tea. Answer all 86 questions before your tea goes cold. If you can’t answer a question, move on. Don’t think about the answers’ just write your first thoughts down. When you have completed all 86 questions you will now know what (and how) you think about your business. Its quick, free and secret. No one will know, except you and those you choose to share it with. Now what do you want to do?

Clicking on the drop down box will offer you a choice of JNotes, all free.

Alternatively, you can click here now for your copy of Thinking Allowed which explores forty-nine different themes in your quest to build a better optical business.

JNotes® Free download

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