I don’t really have an information communication and education plan (A plan for your marketing)

I don’t really have an information communication and education plan (A plan for your marketing)

August 3, 2016
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Congratulations. You have just taken the first (and most important) step.
There are many who never get this far, so you are already ahead of the game and maybe ahead of the practices
around you. What follows is a reflection of the state of mind of many. You have just taken the first step to
changing your ‘state of mind’ into a mind-set. Does any of what follows sound familiar?

I’m not sure it’s really useful
(And if I did think it’s useful) I don’t know how to start working on one
If you don’t know where you’re going you never know when you get there
Many experts make stuff complicated to justify their fees (does that sound familiar) so:

Define your business aims:
1) Why are you in business?
2) Then ask yourself: “who will want to buy what you offer and why?” (This is what your ‘ideal client’ will look like).
3) Where will you find them?
4) How will you reach them? (through what media? A shop, social media, e-mail, direct marketing, visits,
recall letters, referrals, referrals only, skilled practitioners or unskilled practitioners.
Personally or via handover?
5) How much can you afford to get a sale?
6) What is the value of that customer during the time they stay with you?
7) What will you say? In what tone of voice? Friendly, officious, intellectual, aloof, courteous, incomprehensible?
8) How often will you talk to people? (communicate with them)
9) What do you want them to do-and when should they do it?
10) What incentives, if any, can (or should) you offer?
11) What can you test? How will you measure?
12) Your communication plan is part of your marketing plan
13) Don’t talk about yourself-nobody is interested- but we are conditioned to think people are profoundly
interested in us (unless you are one year old and have just learned to walk).
14) When you communicate edit words like “we” and “our”-use you and your

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