The Best Way To Recommend Expensive Product

The Best Way To Recommend Expensive Product

August 3, 2016
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For some people money is no object
For others money is no object, but they still expect ‘value for money’
A small number of people are at first glance do not appear wealthy, but nevertheless look for something
a bit different
Many maybe prepared to pay to solve a particular problem.

Plenty of different scenarios and many business owners are afraid to recommend expensive products, because
“my patients can’t afford it”. That rarely stops them from wearing the very best eyewear.
Choosing not to sell expensive products is one thing, choosing not to think about and learn the best way to do it,
is very different.
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-Explain why it is different and better
-Overcome objections (which is why it’s more expensive)
-People will buy it, so appeal to human emotions
-Remember how many decision makers are involved
-Decisions involving expensive items might take a long time. People don’t usually get up and say: “I’m going to buy
An expensive pair of (sun)glasses today”. So you don’t say: “buy now whilst stocks last”
-The higher the price, the harder the sale: you may have to use email-direct mail-a website or a special landing page
-Expensive products seldom have only one benefit
-Write a letter outlining all the benefits. Missing one out means you are potentially missing a
successful recommendation.
-Overcome all reasonable objections. Ask your colleagues to think about why people won’t buy.
-Present the benefits in a logical sequence
-Remember that different people have different needs and it takes time to discover these
-People tend to remember important/relevant information
-Don’t forget to ask for the order
-Always give your prospective client a chance to say: ‘Thanks, but no thanks’
-People who accept your information are interested in what you have to say. They let you know where they are
in the buying process
-Spend your efforts where they pay off best
This is especially true of ‘lapsed patients’-you have their details and they have left you- Do you KNOW why?
Why should they not return to you?
Finding new clients can be expensive, so why not re-recruit past customers? They know you, bought from you,
entrusted their care to you
The ‘reason why’ copy. Why persist? Well, one day, you, or someone you know will have a problem that you
might be able to solve
Do people wake up every day and say: “I need an optometrist!”? Will they say that after three messages?
Unlikely, but one day, they might think of you
-Most customers are ‘guarded’, (suspicious) so give them a reason why-it’s only natural
-A reason why is a reason to buy. “Closing down sale” or ‘flash sale’ works better than “sale”. It’s called the truth
Headline: The Perfect lens for *******!
-Choose the right words: Give them a reason why, give them a reason to buy. All in a logical sequence
-Give them one major benefit: You and your vision is safer/better with ********

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