How You Can Find New Clients

How You Can Find New Clients

August 4, 2016
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Without any doubt the fastest route to sustainable profit is to be found in retaining your existing clients. But the search for new clients is a never ending one, because people will die, move, find something better, or more convenient, their personal circumstances will change or they’ll find someone they like more. Its human nature. Don’t be surprised when it happens. But do make sure you are prepared well in advance to deal with outrageous fortune.

Finding new clients may be the most expensive way to profitability and it may be the most difficult, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Maybe you’ve tried everything, but you will find the answers elsewhere in JNotes®. There is no right place to find new clients and no right way, but if you are struggling, you have to find a way that works for you if you want to remain privately owned.

Many ideas to find new clients will be found under the JNotes® PR section. How? Maybe you want people with pathologies, maybe your ideal clients are affluent presbyopes, maybe you want young CL wearers, maybe you want sports/hobbyist enthusiasts, maybe you only want to have children’s vision at the heart of what you do. PR (if done correctly) might help. This must be backed up with work on your website, which must be backed up by your staff and your practice and your pricing.

What follows are a few ideas that may be right for you.

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