How You Get People Back Faster Than You Thought Possible

How You Get People Back Faster Than You Thought Possible

August 4, 2016
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Getting people back into your business, to spend their money with you and to do it faster than they thought possible needs a lot of work. You’ve chosen this way to earn your living so you should be thinking about this all the time, because your competition is.

In an ideal world your sheer professionalism, trust, knowledge and experience should be good enough. And for years it was. For those with long established businesses it may still be. But even if you are selling the business, a proven method of finding new clients will be very valuable to prospective buyers. The good news is that you have plenty of tools at your disposal: your referral strategy, your recall recall letters, demand advertising, your social media presence, the emails you send and the newsletters you use and a vibrant industry delivers hundreds of new products every single year, your public speaking engagements (not the formal type, you speak to the public everyday), the window display and a happy smiley team. It makes sense to use them all and to make everything you can out of everything you’ve got.

Without doubt the most effective tool is the recall letter and one of the best tools out there is will be found here

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